The number one question from everyone is: How much will it cost to participate in the Open Studios Weekend?

The short answer is : I guarantee that it will be no more than €50.00 per person ... and should be considerably less if we can get 40+ participants. I have posters up, I have advertisements in magazines and newspapers – I need you to help spread the news, please. Have you put the WANTED posters up somewhere prominent? If you need me to send it again, please ask and I will do so immediately.

The number two question is: How will it work?

A longer answer :

Due to the fact that we have no printed guides this year, we must use the website and the media extensively. Someone called us ‘environmentally friendly’ and I like that! It also keeps the costs down.

Potential visitors nowadays all carry either smart phones or tablets, often both. We need to get them to USE these devices to find us! The publicity appearing in August will emphasise this extensively with a step-by-step how-to guide, like this:



STEP 1 - Go to www.art-en-route-cyprus.com

STEP 2 - Click on the OPEN STUDIOS tab

There is a tab on the website menu marked OPEN STUDIOS where each participant is listed. If you click on their name, you will be taken to their page. Every participant is a member of www.art-en-route-cyprus.com where there is a page for each one, giving all contact information, the media they work in, detailed directions to their door as well as up to 8 images of their work in a slideshow.

STEP 3 - Click on the MAP tab

Also on the website is a Google Map where all members are marked with pins. The participants in OPEN STUDIOS are marked with a RED balloon. Click on the pin and their details will appear. If you wish to get directions, click on the directions icon (the fork in the road) in the frame, add your start and finish destinations on the left and it should take you to the required doorstep.

STEP 4 - Phone if you get stuck!

STEP 5 - Don’t have internet access? Buy a newspaper for a hard copy for a list of all the participants


The website has a dedicated page to OPEN STUDIOS where all participants will be listed and with one click, the viewer will go to their page for all information. Now you understand why we needed explicit directions! We want people to FIND you without getting frustrated!

There is also a MAP on the website and each Open Studios participant is shown with a RED balloon. This is updated as each participant joins. Registration for OS closes on 31 July 2015 after which all participants will be in place.

The Cyprus Mail, Cyprus Weekly (our media sponsor) and Paphos Post will all carry a list of participants with their addresses and contact numbers. HOWEVER, all of that information is on the website already, available to everyone who opens the www.art-en-route-cyprus.com website.

PALS magazine will also carry the same list as the newspapers in August. Their Limassol edition will unfortunately be distributed too late for the Open Studio Weekend but will carry a double-page article. Apollon Magazine - www.apollonconnections.com - is being printed before registration closes and for obvious reasons, cannot feature the list of participants either. However, they will feature the event in a five-page spread in the September/October issue – that should be good.

I am trying to line up radio interviews – the first one is this coming Tuesday evening at 7.00pm on CyBC Radio 1. I am also using www.GetTheKick.com for the event and will continue to find more outlets. Once again, your help with this is extremely valuable! One person cannot succeed alone.

As I envisage other Open Studios events in 2016 and beyond, planning has already started. What we are doing this year is laying a good foundation and the preparation is providing a steep learning curve. The intention is to gain corporate sponsors for future events so that the artists will have very little to contribute financially.

As you will appreciate, the information of each person who joins the website needs to be processed and it takes some time. I need that information to be as informative as possible – there is no need for mini-soundbites – tell it as it is! I will distil it down to the essentials.

OK, enough of that.


For your convenience, I describe here the process for using the image transfer site, www.wetransfer.com - one can transfer files up to 10GB at a time! There is no obligation on your side to use this! I’m sharing this as a public service!

The beauty of this is that you do not need to register or use a password – it’s a straight-forward filling in of emails (the recipient’s and your own) and adding the files (images). It’s really that simple.

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO use WeTransfer.com –

1. The opening screen will ask you to agree on them using cookies – this is normal these days : agree

2. You will proceed to the next screen – ignore the monsters!

3. When you get to a screen showing a communications box on the left hand side, complete the details in that panel, i.e. ADD FILES (images) > add the recipients email address > add YOUR email address

> click on TRANSFER

4. You will receive a confirmation email when the recipient has downloaded your image(s).


There are 28 days left for registration and we need more artists to join! The ideal number would be 40+ and at the moment we are lagging behind! This means I would have to fork out a tidy sum of money, personally, if we don’t get enough participants by the end of the month. I urge you to PLEASE spread the word! I am determined for this to work and there is no turning back.

43 days to OS-day. Have you got your mailing list ready to send out YOUR invitations? I have previously asked for ideas for the invitations but so far, zilch! I thought you were artists!


Participants will be addressed separately with detailed guidelines for opening one's studio or workspace.


Till next time, keep on creating!

536006_363802110335877_278564922_n.jpg   Happy summer days!


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