The good news is that more artists are discovering art-en-route-cyprus.com. I am delighted to welcome people like Mike Gorman and Gemma Plant – both in the same area and both past-participants of the original Open Studios. And there any quite a few newbies with whose work I am most impressed. Welcome all!!!


For new members, I need to explain that the entire operation of art-en-route-cyprus consists of a team of ONE – myself. I was crazy enough to think that I am Superwoman ... and I’m still labouring under that delusion!





The little bit of bad news that I’ve had to deal with is SPAM. Spammers have discovered the ‘Contact Us’ form on the website and I have been bombarded with offers of imitation Louis Vuitton products, Nike, Jordan, Ray Ban, and just about every knock-off you can dream up. What I didn’t realise was that these sat on the website until each one, one-by-one, is deleted. I’m down to 1800 from 2174 ... phew! The website builder will have to come up with a way to stop this from continuing!



This last week we met the deadlines for PALS magazine’s August issue (Polis & Latchi), Paphos Post August edition, as well as the Apollon Magazine for September/October issue. Tomorrow I will be going to Nicosia on private business and will use the opportunity to pop into the Cyprus Mail offices to beg for mercy. Pity me – it will be like a φούρνος up there! Luckily I do have aircon in my car!


August is usually the month of rest and recreation. For me it will be a month of frenetic frenzy as I try and get every piece of the puzzle to fit perfectly. It’s a bit like juggling with too many plates in the air ... but if they drop, I’ll just pretend I’m Greek!




It occurred to me that I didn’t send out last week’s blog post link by email as there as still many members who are not yet FOLLOWing me ... The FOLLOW button sits in the bottom right-hand corner – all it requires is your email address and then you will not lose out on updates. They are important!


I am still waiting for suggestions for the official INVITATION template that we will use to invite our friends, family and acquaintances to our own studios and workspaces. Time is shrinking! We have 47 days till OS-day! My graphic design skills are not great and I would like it to make an impact. How about it?


ALSO, as this year’s weekend was chosen at a whim, I have come to realise that it may not be the best choice. Lots of people are not yet back from their summer vacations and September can be hot if it chooses. Do you think it would be a good idea to have the next one (2016) on the first weekend of October? I know that later in October artists have had a lot of trouble with the wind blowing over their displays out of doors. The first weekend is still calm before the winter rains and winds arrive. Again, what do YOU think? It could be any other time of year ...


Till next time, keep cool and keep a clear head!


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