Open Studios Weekend


This event is high on the agenda at present and it is heartening to have so many people come forward to join. I would love to make this an annual event and it looks likely to happen. This means that the event for 2016 will have far better planning than this impromptu one.


Keep spreading the word – the more participants, the cheaper it will be to run. And don’t forget the BONUS OFFER - for ease of reference, I repeat the email content below:


To the artenroute members


I know some of you have already said YES, some have said NO and others are still thinking about it. I thought I would just clarify a few points.

1. For automatic updates on all happenings at artenroute it is advisable to FOLLOW my blog posts on www.saxonsblog.wordpress.com - the button is in the bottom right-hand corner and all it needs is your email address. The blog posts also go onto the website but there is no FOLLOW button on it :(

2. Response to the 'call for artists' (the WANTED poster - attached) has been good so far and I am hoping that when it goes into newspapers etc. it will bring in more participants. Please distribute it as far as you can! In the same breath, I don't want it to become unmanageable - there is only one of me ... thank goodness for the internet!!

WANTED poster

3. I have reserved space in a host of publications, some of which will need commitment regarding payment within the next few days. I am still waiting to hear from the Grapevine and Cyprus Mail to see how much they will charge.

4. Because we do not have the funding from sponsors to print guides or catalogues, we have to rely on the newspapers and magazines to print the necessary information that will bring visitors to our studios. IF this proves to be a good event, planning will start in January 2016 for next year's event. I have also been told that if we were to work for the benefit of a charity, publication would be FREE! Something to keep in mind.

5. At this stage there are 15 participants and the total projected cost is just under €1500.00 so far, which means just under €100 each. I am hoping that we would increase our numbers to at least 30 participants so that costs may be reduced to about €50 per participant. So, please spread the news!

6. In order to participate, non-members need to join the website directory, simply because all their information would be readily available in one place, including a map to find them.

I am offering a BONUS for members who will join in order to take part in the Open Studios event : NO membership fee to be paid for the remainder of 2015. However, I will expect them to become permanent members, with membership fees renewable each January. And just in case you have forgotten, it is only €15.00 per year (or part of any year).

7. I have changed my system from Windows 7 to 8.1 and in the process have lost access to the MAP on the website but I will be seeing the web builder this afternoon to try and recover and update the map. (the issue has been resolved - see notes below)

8. You will also note that I am not asking any fee for my services apart from the membership fee. Some people find this hard to understand but it is my way of contributing to ART and the greater good of the artist community.

9. I need to stress that this Open Studios event has no affiliation with or connection to the previous Open Studios organisation or organisers. It is an event entirely organised by myself.

10. Last but not least : remember that you are allowed UP TO 8 images on your page on the website - let me have more if you only have 2 up! Attach them to an email in JPG format, please.


Let's show everyone what we are capable of!


Website update

I have learned never to leave anything ‘until later’ ... it always comes back and bites you in the ... er ... ankles! The interactive map on the website also suffered in the earthquake and shuffled the pins around! My website builder tells me that changing the Windows programme, could have been the cause ...  However, I am in the process of repositioning each pin as close as possible to the proper location of each artist but sometimes it’s a bit of guesswork.



When you join www.art-en-route-cyprus.com the page that I create belongs to you – that is why you pay the membership fee as I remain the administrator. If you do not already have a website of your own, you may use this page on your promotional material such as business cards and flyers. You need to depict it as follows – the address you use MUST be exactly as it appears on the webpage:





From time to time I get enquiries from people, looking for specifics.


1. A very urgent call went out for an artist who would be able to paint on the spot in order to capture a wedding taking place – the groom needs an URGENT price and the wedding is scheduled for 25 August with guests from Russia, Dubai and the USA. If you are up for it, please get back to me as soon as possible.

Wedding PainterSignpost   They also need a signpost like this one.


2. A competition will be launched shortly (sorry, that is all I know) to find an artist who would design a book cover. I am waiting for further details on this and will update you as soon as I have more information.


3. If you are a photographer and willing to photograph a very small and intimate wedding on the 24th – that’s next week – please let me know urgently! The bride is in a panic ...


Final note

I have gained insight into abstraction in painting – have a look at this article ... it is an eye-opener:

www.ruthiev.com/piet-modrian   -   yes, I know it is Mondrian but this was the link I found ...


Please address all your enquiries and emails to artenroutecyprus@gmail.com

Till next week, keep on creating!

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