I have some good news to share this week. I had a meeting with Lucie Robson from the Cyprus Weekly and it looks as if we (artenroutecyprus) will have a media sponsor! No money involved – but free publicity! Their logo will make its appearance on the Open Studios page on the website in recognition of their fine offer. Thank you, Lucie and Lefteris!


Publicity will start making an impact during the month of July and will follow through into August, spilling over into September. Your word-of-mouth is invaluable in gaining as many participants as possible in order to minimise the cost to each participant.


I am delighted to say that I have had a number of artists requesting to join the website directory due to recommendations from members. It makes my heart sing!



Credit : barbaradenny.com

What we are attempting to do here is completely off the wall as far as other Open Studios events across the globe are concerned! It is my fervent hope that it will be a success as we will then have a precedent for future OS events. The single most significant point is that there is no committee ... something that might have to change but for now, it works without. Obviously, doing something like this single-handedly is a daunting task, but I know that there always will be people I can rely on for their help – several have offered ... thank you!


Here are a few points for opening your studio to the public :


An Open Studio event brings the artist and the public together. It is an opportunity to expose a broad portion of the community to what it is we do and make. We can educate them on how and why we build what we do. We can answer technical questions and address issues of price and materials. We can even dispel a few myths and misconceptions. And, of course, we can open the door to new markets.


What do you want from your Open Studio Experience? You need to decide what it is that you are interested in achieving. Do you want :


1. Sales

2. Exposure for your work

3. Meeting new people and gaining referrals and commissions

4. Networking: Connecting with other artists and professionals, in and outside of your medium

5. Introducing your work to possible collectors, galleries or curators

6. Keeping collectors abreast of recent work

7. Feedback from the public


Once you know who you wish to attract to your open studio, you need to let those people know! We need to send out invitations at least two weeks before the event. I hope you have kept all those names on the visitors' book from previous exhibitions! They are your vein of gold. This is your opportunity to create curiosity in the mind of the recipient so that they wish to see what you have to offer. Be precise with your information – perhaps we can throw some ideas around amongst ourselves? Be creative!


In order for the public to FIND you when they reach your vicinity, you will need to guide them to your door with some means of identification. I thought that this year, because we do not have signs to put up, we could use GREEN balloons placed in strategic places. This will be mentioned in the publicity so that visitors will look out for them. Or do you think it should be another colour? And if so, what colour?




There will be more pointers in next week’s post – spread the word! Till then, keep on creating!

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