Last Saturday, it suddenly occurred to me that if I wanted to open my studio to the public, I had lots of work to do! All those ideas in the back of my head needed to see the light of day but time was of the essence ... and not enough of it! I will have to go to the archives ...


My den / gallery is still in turmoil and access to my newly created studio is overgrown and wild. Work needs to be done, not only IN the studio but also around the studio! How are you doing with your studio ... ready to show people around? New works to introduce?


I am one of those people who are forever looking to improve my life as well as the lives of others. That means that I constantly listen, read and watch things that may (or may not) assist in doing that. I came across a man called Brendon Burchard, who is a high performance coach and, for free, he offered a formula to divide your day into 50-minute chunks, make that Productivity Planner and ... stick to it! Here is the link – I think it’s really valuable and it will only take 30 minutes of your time:

http://2.highperformanceacademy.com/5x50video?autoplay=1 If you download it you will get the Productivity Planner included.


I am working my way through my 50-minute chunks of the day, trying to become a more disciplined person! Doing those things I should’ve been doing yesterday ... or last week!


I tried updating the map on the website on Monday ... I have tried before and failed although when I first used it, it worked like a dream. This time was no better and I became enraged and frustrated, all due to Google’s wisdom of upgrading their maps. I’m sure it works for others but all I wanted was to keep on doing with MY map what I have been doing before! My website builder, Rudolfo Berrospi, was the only solution. He must think I am the densest person in the world – these techy guys are SO fast and clever ... In the end, I came away with the knowledge and now the map is up to date apart from a few people’s information I am still waiting on.


The rest of the week was spent writing press releases and promotional material. The first advertisement to recruit more artists to join the website in order to participate in the Open Studios event appeared in the Paphos Post for July on Thursday – see page 28. The more participants, the smaller the cost to each artist – please help recruit some more! At present there are 18 and we need a minimum of 40 – so, let’s go for it!


The “WANTED” poster is once again included here – it would be great if you could print it out and stick it up in strategic places.


Right click on the image and select "Save image as ..." and save it where you will be able to find it again. Then print it out - it's only black and white. Thank you!


We have been offered display space in Tala at the Vrasidas Taverna if, for any reason, you do not wish to, or are unable to, open your own studio or workspace. There will be no charge made as the owner hopes enough people will come in to make it worth his while selling refreshments. The ‘winter’ restaurant is standing idle during the summer months.


Joep Klinkenbijl moved into an delightful space in Tala and is now ready to receive bookings for small exhibitions there. It is right opposite the municipal car park so parking is not a problem. If you contact him on joep@refillink-cyprus.com he will gladly give you all necessary information. Have a look at these pictures, but remember that they have only moved into this space three days before and, in his words, lots more to do :






A few more tips for opening your studio:


Presentation of Your Work

1. Carefully select what work to show

a. If you plan to display older work along with recent work, consider

the following:

• Older work should be selected to complement and enhance recent work, setting it in context and illustrating the evolution of a coherent style.

• Strongly consider presenting older work on an equal footing with more recent work.

• If work is too old to merit a quality effort for display, do not throw it on a heap in the back as work available for purchase.

b. Production lines and multiples:

• It may be a business decision to sell older production items, series and styles at a discount. However, it is always a good idea to display these items respectfully.


2. Present your work in the best manner possible

a. Display work thoughtfully and respectfully: Leave ample room between pieces so that a cluttered appearance is avoided.

b. Allow as much work to be seen as possible from various vantage points.

c. Prepare professional looking labels for the work on display (both recent and older).

Label information may include:

• title

• date

• materials

• price

d. You may wish to include informational cards, such as a brief, well- written artist’s statement or information specific to a particular piece.


3. Do not make it easy for work to be picked up or removed without help from the artist or their agent/assistant.

4. Keep displays tidy and all glass surfaces fingerprint free.

5. Display of work in progress

a. People usually like to see work in progress.

• Consider laying out work neatly on your workbench.

• You may wish to include written information cards describing the various stages in the creation of the piece.

(These points taken from http://www.harriete-estel-berman.info/profguidelines/open-studios-artist-checklist.html - with gratitude)

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