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The Mission of art-en-route-cyprus is to provide a platform for all artists in Cyprus from which to promote their work and to make it easy for art and culture loving people to view and pursue their interests by making contact with individual artists across the island.


The INTENTION of www.art-en-route-cyprus.com is to give all artists living in Cyprus, either permanently or part-time, the opportunity to open their studio or workspace to share their love of creation with others.


In 2006 David Lester (RIP) and Sue Harding spearheaded the Open Studio movement which grew from small beginnings to great heights and then died a slow death for various reasons. Since Open Studios ceased operation, participating artists had to find a way in which to promote their work themselves. Maria Etheridge (owner of art-en-route-cyprus) enthusiastically participated in the Open Studios project since its inception and worked closely with all participants and shared their feelings. She started thinking of ways in which to create another open studios-type forum.


The original Open Studios name could not be used as it was a registered NGO and thus http://www.art-en-route-cyprus.com was born. The name was carefully chosen in order to depict the purpose for which she created the project, which was to promote artists’ work by bringing visitors to their work-spaces, their studios, their workshops, their kitchen tables … wherever they manifested their artistic love.


Maria envisages mini art trails which she would promote through tour operators, travel agents, hotels, restaurants and suchlike. Cyprus is not only about sun, sea and tavernas but also about those people who are hidden away in remote villages, lonely studios and makeshift work spaces – there is so much to share here on our Island of Love!


The success or otherwise of this project depends hugely on the support of the island’s artists. 


www.art-en-route-cyprus.com do not organise exhibitions. It has always been the intent to bring visitors into the artists’ creative spaces. The website is a goldmine of information, a database where all artists’ information is shared. It is a virtual giant studio where all artists are welcome to gather and share information ... and network, of course!

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