Going to an artist’s studio means that you, the visitor, are able to spend a lot longer with an artist, learning about their particular art form and observing the process in action.



When visiting art and craft people in their workplaces and studios, one is able really to get in touch with the creation process. There are outstanding painters, sculptors, engravers and other fine artists working in a variety of media, including silk and mosaics, right here on the Island of Love. For me, the smell of paint and turps, portfolios bursting with treasures yet to be disclosed, plans, drawings and the different kinds of equipment, just beg further to be explored. The sights and smells transport me into a world of magic and alchemy.


Artists like to share their creations with as wide an audience as possible and would like to invite you to their inner sanctums – physical and metaphysical – for the benefit of both the observer and the observed. We would like to answer your questions, show you how the thought process manifests itself into the end product and send you on your way full of new vision and enthusiasm. Obviously, we would also love visitors to take a piece of us with them!


Lucian Freud, Picasso, Dali, Bacon, Whistler, Renoir – you name them, they all liked having visitors to their studios. I came across a blog that features artists in their studios – I just loved visiting it! Here is the link:


The idea of opening one’s studio originated in the salons of 17th Century Paris, such as the Hôtel de Rambouillet and the gatherings of intellectuals and artists hosted by Madame de Scudéry.


In the 21st Century, the Open Studio (often taking the form of a virtual or internet location) focuses on the creative act of making and sharing, in a flexible space equipped with a range of contemporary media and multimedia. Artists and non-artists come together in a social act of collaboration, the only entry requirements being an inquisitive nature, a curiosity about new and traditional media, and a lack of inhibition about creating in a semi-public space. I would so like to see more of that here in Cyprus!


For some reason, there are modern day artists who are not keen on sharing their processes, in fear of being shot down before they are able to launch what they regard as ‘their’ invention or creation. It is interesting to see though, when visiting a drawing school for instance, how each individual artist interprets the same subject matter in their own way. Each artist’s art is completely different from the next one’s as we each experience the moment in a different way.


Making art is a unique experience for each person. It is rare that you will find copies of art that are indistinguishable from the original – only in cases where professional fraudsters have made it their business to produce such copies. There are not many of those and they go for the big ones to copy such as Monet, Rembrandt, Van Gogh and the like! I think the majority of us are safe.


I would like to encourage the artists of Cyprus to share their unique talents with the outside world by inviting the public into their sanctum sanctorum – there is no need to fear! You are the master of your own destiny – you are unique. Let's open our studios and let visitors share in our magic.


Visit for more information about artists and where to find them in Cyprus.

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