A: Mersini Workshop, Mersini Villa, Pelagia Hamlet, Tsada.

M: +357 99 595 385


FB: Cyprus.Mosaics


Mary is a mosaic artist, painter, illustrator and all round community artist. Mary runs community art projects with schools and community groups of all ages and abilities. Her work takes her to many different places in Cyprus, enabling people to join workshops and make mosaics for their community. Over 10 years working as an artist in London and 4 years in Paphos, she has created many large scale public art mosaics for schools, parks, churches, etc. See facebook page for pictures. She also accepts many private commissions, creating mosaics for homes and gardens. Her mosaics are all original designs, inspired by nature, myth & culture, with many proud customers!


Directions: Take the Polis Road from Paphos all the way to the top of the first hills, where you will turn right towards Tsada village. “Klimakas Kiosk” is a noticeable landmark on this turn. About 200metres further, this road splits into two (one road heads left up into the village, one right around the village) Take the Left Turn uphill. You will see a stone wall with an arch-water fountain on the left hand side. Continue up this road until the next junction. You will see a bus stop ahead on the right. Turn left here down hill, do not go past the bus stop! Continue downhill and you will see some smaller roads ahead. Take the 2nd left turn, with a long stone wall on the right. Follow this road for approx 400 metres downhill through fields until you find Mersini Villa on your right, surrounded by trees and various mosaic arches.


Open all year round by appointment as she may be on location somewhere else.

  • Photo 1 of 2Children's workshop

    Having fun learning

  • Photo 2 of 2Leda and the swan with Mary

    Mosaic in the traditional style

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