HEATH, James

A : Petra Nova, 24 Andreas Ioannou, Armou, 8522 Paphos, Cyprus

T : +357 26 221639

M : +357 99 310942

E : jgheath@cytanet.com.cy

FB : james.heath.127


James is an adventurer and tackles everything from landscapes to portraits, using watercolour, acrylics and oils on paper and canvas.


Directions : Exit the motorway between Paphos and Limassol at the Konia off ramp. Follow the signposts and turn left towards Armou beyond Konia. Pass Platia Taverna on your right-hand side and at the next taverna on the left, fork right uphill. At the Chinese house (flats ahead and stone cottages on the right), turn left and then right at the new dustbins on the corner. Follow the concrete track keeping left - Petra Nova is on the left-hand side. Parking next to number 24.


Open : By appointment only


  • Photo 1 of 8Aphrodite

    Acrylic on paper - 33 x 44cm

  • Photo 2 of 8Mykonos

    Acrylic on paper. 33 x 44 cms

  • Photo 3 of 8According to Russell Flint

    Watercolour on paper - 31 x 23cm

  • Photo 4 of 8Early morning in Symi

    Acrylic on paper - 33 x 22cm

  • Photo 5 of 8The Bee Eater

    Watercolour on paper - 35 x 23cm

  • Photo 6 of 8Close Hauled

    Oil on canvas - 50 x 40cm

  • Photo 7 of 8The Busker

    Oil on canvas - 30 x 24cm

  • Photo 8 of 8Walker

    Oil on canvas - 48 x 38cm

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