A: 15 Happy Valley, 32 Agiou Tychonos Street, Armou 8522, Paphos

M: +357 96 613 925

E: jon12@fsmail.net

FB: Jonathan Hicks


Jon took up painting in his retirement some years ago. He paints on canvas but has used paper in the past. He likes to paint landscapes, seascapes, portraits and abstract compositions. He uses oils and acrylics and often paints en plein air but also uses photographic reference material and particularly likes to create from his imagination.


He likes to mix his colours using the primaries of red, blue and yellow and adds black and white, often undiluted. He undertakes commissions and he welcomes visitors to his studio to share his passion with.


Directions: He suggests that visitors go to the village square of Armou and give him a ring - he will meet you there within minutes.


Open - please call for an appointment as he oftens paints on location elsewhere.


  • Photo 1 of 8Kelefos Bridge

    Oils - 50 x 50cm

  • Photo 2 of 8Feluccas and Egret on the Nile in pink

    Acrylic - 40 x 30cm

  • Photo 3 of 8View from the house

    Oils - 35 x 25cm

  • Photo 4 of 8Still Life

    Oils - 60 x 60cm

  • Photo 5 of 8Olive Tree

    Oils - 50 x 40cm

  • Photo 6 of 8Dragon

    Acrylic - 40 x 30cm

  • Photo 7 of 8Portrait of a Young Lady


  • Photo 8 of 8Suns, Stars and Black Holes


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