JERONIMO, Anastasia

A: 16b Mesolongiou Street 3032 Limassol (First Floor )

T: +357 25 722 533

M: +357 99 767 967


F: Art Fusions Studio by Anastasia Jeronimo

F: (Personal) Anastasia Jeronimo

You Tube Channel: Anastacia7788



Anastasia works on various artistic pathways because that’s also what Art Fusions Studio is all about. Her ultimate goal as Artist Anastasia Jeronimo is to have as many art pathways hosted in the studio as possible. She goes by the motto “Every day you learn something new” and for her it is important to pursue any art pathway she finds interesting and important to obtain knowledge on, in order to create artwork. Usually, her subject matter is based on Mythology - Fantasy, Personification of Nature's Elements, out of proportion Female Portraiture – Women Empowerment and a Combination of figurative abstract, narrative still life and scenery. Furthermore she has a huge interest in creating artwork (interactive or not) that benefits the environment and community.

Painting: She paints with acrylic paints mainly, but also uses oils

Drawing: She mostly draws with inks, oil pastels, pencils (watercolour pencils)

Art Photography: She photographs indoor narratives and outdoor scenery - setting up scenes.

Wearable Art (Handmade Jewellery) : She creates wearable art items (handmade jewellery) with wire and seed beads mostly.

Mosaics – Stained Glass: She does mosaics with glass only, on wood and on glass. Her stained glass artwork is available on order only.

Sculpture: She works with various clay types. Air Dry and Polymer mostly. In addition to that she also works with plaster.

Art Crafts: She crafts various deco items that are strictly based on Art theory and narratives, in order to make a statement. Crafting materials may include fabric, paper, beads, and rhinestones.

Recycled Art: She transforms rubbish – everyday items or found objects (it can be absolutely anything) that are being thrown away without second thought - into valuable works of art.

Art –Movie and Video: She directs and edits her own short art clips. Currently working on art tutorials for You-Tube

Illustrations - Creative Writing: Anastasia creates illustrations base on short stories that she writes.

Note: For Future projects: She is currently exploring Fashion Design and Tailoring

Anastasia also teaches and will do one-on-one lessons - her repertoire is extensive. She offers workshops and also presents

Seminars – Events –Exhibitions

  • Recycled Art Seminars and Workshops – Volunteer Workshops (free)
  • Creative Writing Seminars - Book Presentations – Poetry Nights
  • Art Discussions - Wine and Cheese Tasting – Accompanied by Acoustic music
  • Art Demonstrations by Anastasia Jeronimo and other Artists (Less popular art mediums and techniques )
  • Art Exhibitions: Group and Personal
  • Art Based Birthday Parties & Face painting


7th turn on the right from Gladstonos into Mesolongiou Street  (Look out For Coop Bank on Gladstonos Street – Opposite Coop Bank’s Big Parking Lot is the Coop Bank of the Teachers)

Mesolongiou Street is a very narrow street towards the sea – The Art Fusions sign is immediately spotted on the wall at your left hand side approximately at 400m - 500m along - The studio is next to the Apollon tombola football club and opposite Arena Athlesis and is on the first floor.

Open Monday to Friday between 08.00hrs and 16.00hrs. Saturday between 10.00hrs and 14.00hrs. Sunday by special arrangement.

Always telephone first in case of other commitments elsewhere.


  • Photo 1 of 8Africana

    Plastic - Plastic bag – Bubble Wrap - Paper Tape- Clay – Acrylic and Metallic Paints – Varnish. Approx 30x35cm

  • Photo 2 of 8Constellation Matron

    Mix Media- Found objects Recycled Art - Approx 20cm

  • Photo 3 of 8Ballerina Dolls

    Mixed Media – Napkin Papers and Wire are mostly used. (More information on Ballerina dolls (individually) can be found in the Facebook Page of Art Fusions Studio Various sizes

  • Photo 4 of 8The Blue Pixie

    Mosaics – Glass Oval Shape - Approx 40cm

  • Photo 5 of 8Unconditonal Love

    Art Photography – Photo Manipulation Various sizes can be printed

  • Photo 6 of 8Wearable art jewellery

    Crystal Toho Beads – Swarovski stones – semi precious stones and wire are mostly used. Various designs in earrings, rings and necklaces

  • Photo 7 of 8Delicate Dancer

    Black ink-various size tip ink pens. A3

  • Photo 8 of 8Margana La Fey

    Acrylic and Metallic Paints on Canvas. 100x70cm



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