SABRY, Katie

A: 9 Georgiou Malekidi Street, Limassol 3040

T: +357 25 933 712

M: +357 99 571 139




Katie was born on the Isle of Man, UK, from a Cypriot father and English mother, her parents moved to Cyprus when she was six months old. She has painted from a very early age. Her formal education in fine art was at York School of Art and the State Academy of Fine Art in Rome.


Katie's work in oils, watercolours and mosaic is an ongoing expression of her love for nature, especially Cyprus; her light, land and sea; her sky, flora and fauna. A sinuous line of colours wanders through an image, showing the connection between all living things, starting from the earth and flowing up to the stars. Each place, islands in particular, have souls: Cyprus is soft, feminine, ancient - revealing herself in the midst of concrete and chaos.


Her mosaics are composed of stained glass, broken china and natural stone, fairly informal shapes which give a feeling of painting. She worked as a stained glass designer and maker for 12 years and also teaches weekly mosaics classes from her studio, which is in a beautiful restored old house where her art and handmade cards are on display and for sale. For more info please visit her website.


Weekly classes in mosaics.

Watercolour workshops twice a year.

Accommodation and studio space for rent at reasonable prices - see entry under Teaching Studios.


Directions: From Hero Square head up the street and Katie's home and studio is the third house on the left. Large car park in Ipirou Street behind her studio.


Open all year round by appointment.

  • Photo 1 of 8World Tree

    Mosaic in china and found objects 31 x 78 cm

  • Photo 2 of 8Mermaid

    Oil on canvas - 124 x 97 cm

  • Photo 3 of 8Starry Night with Dolphiins

    Oil on canvas - 46 x 91cm

  • Photo 4 of 8Happy Valley Cats

    Watercolour - 14 x 9cm

  • Photo 5 of 8Dionysius

    Mosaic - art glass , cinca tiles and broken china - 31 x 80cm

  • Photo 6 of 8Cats at Numbers 7 and 8

    Watercolour - 15.5 x 12.5cm (mounted)

  • Photo 7 of 8Juicy Pomegranets

    Watercolour - 30 x 22cm (framed)

  • Photo 8 of 8Was, Is, Will Be (2)

    Watercolour - 23.5 x 30cm (mounted)

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