TIMM, Kiara

A: 211 St. Andrew Street, Limassol

M: +357 99 402 180

E: timmkiara@hotmail.com


Kiara works mainly with acrylic, watercolour and mixed media and the choice of subject matter changes through time. Since 1998, she has participated in different solo and group exhibitions in the United States and Cyprus, while she is also involved in experimenting and developing new ideas through art and sociology as well as trying new techniques. She is also involved in organizing workshops for children and adults who want to try art as a means for self expression.


Kiara Timm Art Studio is situated as part of an old bookbinding shop in the heart of the old town of Limassol, close to Columbia Plaza. Further, she offers art workshops for adults and children mainly working with acrylics or watercolors, while focusing on each person's unique style and freedom of expression.


Directions: One street above the seafront main street, between Columbia Plaza & Thesis (a furniture shop).


Open: Mon - Fri 09h00 - 12h00 and by appointment.

  • Photo 1 of 8Girls at the beach

    Acrylic on canvas - 122 x 60 cm

  • Photo 2 of 8Old Shoes

    Oil on canvas - 41.5 x 32 cm

  • Photo 3 of 8Flower Shop

    Acrylic - 52 x 52 cm

  • Photo 4 of 8Blue Island

    Polyptyque - four parts in acrylic - size to be advised

  • Photo 5 of 8Girl by the sea

    Acrylic - 60 x 90 cm

  • Photo 6 of 8Lavender Field

    Acrylic - 40 x 40 cm

  • Photo 7 of 8Lara Beach

    Acrylic - 35 x 50cm

  • Photo 8 of 8Window with flowers

    Acrylic - 50 x 40cm

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