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Some of you may have thought I had absconded, but don’t worry – I am still here!


I have been on an extended holiday over the Christmas season and returned in mid-January. As you know, very little happens on the artistic scene during the cold and wet winter months and that was one reason why I have been quiet ... I hibernated!


Then came the Easter period – two of them! Shortly after that, my lovely visitors arrived and we had some fun touring the island as one of them had not been here before. All very exciting going to places I haven’t been in years, taking photographs to be used in the studio later.


This was followed by some upgrading of my home and the builders are still swarming around. I’m hoping that all will be done by the end of the week and then I will have a proper studio! When I posted “Is your studio ready?” earlier, it occurred to me that mine certainly was NOT! However, amends will now be made and I will show you photographs when the equipment is moved into their rightful places – what fun!


During the cold and wet months, I took the opportunity of doing a bit of studying – I wanted to know how to promote and market art on the internet using social media. It’s all very new and I’m still learning, but I am hoping that it will benefit all members. So, once all the cleaning and reshuffling is done, I shall be taking up the slack. I’m all fired up and ready to GO! Watch this space as I will be informing you of happenings. I have also changed my operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 and decided to follow the advice of my techy and use Internet Explorer as my browser. That resulted in me being unable to copy and paste into this website blog ... grrr! I decided to follow my own advice (and that of the website builder) and went back to Firefox and, viola! You are getting a blog post!


Which brings me to the final question: is YOUR studio ready for visitors? How about sharing some images in the comments, or on the Facebook page : I would love to see your pictures – and I’m sure hundreds of other artists would love to see them too.


Let’s have some fun!

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